Episode 16. Shed Full Of Bikes!

A friend of a friend of a friend told me recently about a cycle shop that had some old mountain bikes up for grabs. Ofcourse this piqued my interest, and as I was within about an hour (or so I thought) of the place I figured that I'd take an afternoon off and go to see what was on offer! I called the bike shop first just to be sure that I wasn't on some sort of wild goose hunt, but the shop owner said that it was true, he had a shed full of bikes that needed re-homing. So I tell Mrs Clint what the deal is, and that I should only be three hours, four max, and head off into the traffic with Mrs Clints words still ringing in my ears, "Don't do anything stupid and buy any old crap, you've got enough!" Over two hours later I pull up outside this little bike shop, I wander in to talk to the owner, and he explains to me how come he has these bikes, and why he wants them gone. I won't go into details, but basically, all the bikes came in for repair at some point over a year ago, the owners have never come back to collect them. During the course of the year the owners have been contacted several times to try and get them to collect the bikes, but they've either been unable to contact them, or they just arn't interested in collecting their bikes anymore. So after having them in storage for over a year, the owner of the bike shop wants them removed. I got lead out to this shed behind the shop, the key is put into the very shiney padlock on the very rusty shed door, and the door is flung open to reaveal...

A shed full of bikes! I'm not sure that any of them are worth a great deal, but for the most part they are complete, and ready to ride, the majority of them having been fixed for their owners prior to their owners abandoning them! The oldest one is a BSA, and I would say it's of mid-sixties vintage, and the newest one is a Universal full suspension mountain bike, with disc brakes etc. and I would say this is probably two,  maybe three years old. To be fair to them, most of the bikes look in very good shape, just a little dusty from storage. Anyway, for the most part I'm not that interested in them, because frankly I've got enough bikes, and right now I'm struggling to sell them. However, I am quite interested in that 'REAL' bike at the front in the right hand corner, the coppery coloured one. So I ask the shop owner how much for that one? He tells me that he's not really interested in selling one bike, he either sells them all, or none at all! AAARRRGH!! So stupidly, because I want this bike I ask him how much for the lot? He gives me a figure which is far more than I'm willing to pay, but he says that this will cover what he's spent on the repairs of all the cycles! He goes on to say that if I didn't want them at this price, he'll take them all to a cycle auction in January, and try his luck there! I tell him I'm going to have a coffee, and give it some thought, and head off to the nearest coffee house. As I sit there mulling it over, over my skinny-half caff-sugar free-gingerbread latte with extra foam, sprinkles, and a marshmallow on top... Ha ha, only kidding, I've got no time for that pretentious coffee crap, as I sit there mulling it over, over my latte my phone rings... Uh-oh, its the wife! I pick up, WHAAASSSSSSSUUUUUUUUuuuuuuppp!! (In a Budwieser stylee!! Yes, we still do that in my house! Even the kids do it, and they wern't even born when that advert was on the telly!) Don't gimme that crap she said, are you nearly home? Hmm, no, no, not exactly I replied, I've not long got here, traffic was pretty bad! Ok she says, but don't be long, we've got proper shopping to do! (honestly, I'm so rock n roll sometimes it hurts!) Was it worth going all that way for, have you bought anything yet? I replied with complete honesty, No, I've not bought anything yet, but I'm trying to! There's a pause, but then comes the magic words, Ok, well don't buy more than you can fit into the truck (My Chev-suzu!) Ok dear, I replied. Then came her reply in a Dom Jolly, Trigger Happy TV stylee... CIAOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! She couldn't have yelled it any louder... SHIT I'm deaf!! I quietly yell back, CIAO!! Maybe not qiuet enough as the bloke on the table opposite me jumped! I finish my latte, and head to the cash point, I withdraw roughly half what the bike shop owner wants for his bikes, and head back to see him. We go and have another look at the bikes, and I ask him again if he will just sell me that one bike, but again I'm told that it's an all or nothing deal. Damn, I really want that bike! Ok I said, well I can't give you anywhere near what you want, (as I pull out my little wad of folded notes) But I'll give you this, and not a penny more, and take the lot right now, today, and you won't need to faff around taking them to an auction where you might wind up bringing some, or all of them back home again with you. He takes the money, counts it, and puts out his hand to shake. The shake is done, the deal is made, and I'm now the proud owner of a shed load (litterally) of bikes! Right then, how do I get all these bikes in the back of my Chev-suzu pick up? Before too long it had become obvious, there was no way that lot was going in the back of my pick up complete, so spanner out, wheels and pedals off, and all the frames went into the bed of the pick up, and all the wheels and pedals went into the cab of the pick up in the back seat! I set off for home, knowing that there's no way I'm in trouble for this, as Mrs Clints words were "don't buy more than you can fit into the truck!" And I havn't, I've got them all in! Arriving back at BelongaClint I am greeted by Mrs Clint who reminds me that I had said, four hours max, and it's been nearly seven! But then she forgets all about how long I've been when she sees the bike's I'm unloading!! What the heck is this? She exclaims. I looked at her and said nonchalantly, bikes! She said why have you bought so many? So I told her about how I wanted just one bike, but the guy would only sell all or nothing. She replied, then you should've bought NOTHING! So I said, but you gave me permission, you said I could buy them all! She was pretty adamant, and said she did no such thing. So I reminded her that she said not to buy more than you can fit into the truck, and I've fitted them ALL in the truck!! Apparently this is not what she meant! So then I told her that she needed to be more careful about how she worded things in the future, so that we both know what she means! Make no mistake, I'm sure that next time her wording will leave no room for loop-holes! Now to sort out what is worth keeping, and what needs to be sold on ASAP.