Episode 52. Carrera Subway Ltd. (Part 1).

Today I managed to pick up another parts doner at the local tip...

A complete, and fairly rideable Carrera Subway ltd. I don't know much about these bikes, but it looks like it will yield some decent parts!

Namely the handlebars, and brake/gear levers, I really could see them on a rather splendid Diamond Back I may have mentioned before! Although, it doesn't look like a bad bike at all, so I'm thinking that maybe I'll play around with it a bit, and perhaps ride it for a bit aswell! I feel like the Carrera could well turn out to be the FELT replacement for now!

Although I think I will tweak the Carrera a bit, so that when it does go MIA I'll know it for sure if and when I see it! Like I said, I think I'll swap bits around with some of the other bikes that I have in stock, and see how it ends up! In all honesty I really need to start thinning the herd! AGAIN!! It is quite a nice looking bike, and I must admit that I quite like the colour too! It never ceases to amaze me what folk chuck away down at my local tip!