Episode 55. Triumph Palm Beach. (Part 1).

Despite January usually being a good month to pick up nice bikes I have been avoiding the local tip like the plague lately. The reason for this is because I've just got too many bikes, and bike projects at the moment to contend with. At one point a couple of years ago I had over 100 bikes, and Mrs Clint already refers to our back yard as the place the bikes go to die! Over Christmas I was looking at my bike collection, and once again it was heading towards three digits! A couple more cycle auctions or ebay job lots bought and I would be definately over 100 again. I wouldn't consider myself to be a horder, however where bikes (and possibly cars) are concerned I probably am! So the tip has been out of bounds, infact Mrs Clint hasn't even let me take any rubbish to the tip for fear of me bringing home more than I took!

Yesterday as I sat in a coffee shop sipping carefully at my hideously over priced cup of brown hot water whilst waiting for my Brother to arrive for our weekly catch up my phone went off. Beep Beep... It was one of my friends, and fellow cycle enthusiast texting me. The text simply read, Palm Beach at the dump alert!! Damn, I nearly made it to the end of January, I'm going to have to check this out! I'm a bit of a sucker for a Triumph Palm Beach! Coffee drunk, Brother caught up with, I headed off wondering what I was going to find at the dump!

The selection was small, and to be fair this Triumph Palm Beach was probably the worst bike there. When I asked the guys how much for the Palm Beach they were amazed that I didn't want the Carerra, or even the Apollo mountain bike. But I had my blinkers on, and I was trying to avoid making eye contact with anything other than the Palm Beach! The fellas charged me just a fiver for it, which frankly was far better value than the coffee I had just drunk! I managed not to buy any other bikes too, so I will chalk this one up as mission accomplished and I headed off for Belonga Clint to have a good look at it!

First things first, at some point, and by the look of things probably when it was fairly new somebody has tried to create a a racing bike from it. So before I go too far into my plans for the thing, those dropped handle bars will need to be rectified!

Apart from that, I'm not too sure that I am going to change too much. The wheels and chrome work on it are very corroded and when I can find a set of wheels for it I may well change them for some that are a little bit brighter! The tyres have had their day too, so they're going to need replacement!

Also the brake cables are siezed, but apart from that my feelings are that I will strip this thing, give it a good and thorough cleaning and lubricating, then re-assemble and ride it! I may well lose the mudguards too if, and only if I find some better ones to replace them. I may also end up changing the wheels from old style 26" to a more modern 700c. If I can manage to find a 700c wheel with a Sturmey Archer three speed hub as part of the charm of this bike for me is that lovely tick-tick-ticking sound as you ride it, I love that sound, it's the sound of my youth! Of course, If I do go down the larger wheels route, then I'll have to lose the mudguards all together as they just wont fit with the larger diameter wheels! But all of that is in the future, right now I think I'll just strip it, and clean it, then wait until the parts I need turn up at the tip. The flood gates have now been opened, I can see numerous tip visits from here on in!!