Episode 63. Carrera Subway Ltd. (Part 3).

I've been having a little bit of a fettling session with the Carrera Subway, and it's now at a point where I think I'm happy with it, and it's done.

To be honest it really didn't need a lot, I was almost fettling it just for the sake of fettling it, but I wanted to make it more 'mine' so that should it go walkabout on it's own, I would hopefully be able to spot it and know full well it was my bike.

One of the things that I did actually want to fit to it was some skinny road tyres. As I do most, infact almost all of my riding on paved surfaces I see little need for chunky rubber. Buzzing along the road sounding like an old Land Rover is all very well and good if indeed you are an old Land Rover. But if your a fat middle aged man then it's not so good, even if you happen to be the weight of an old Land Rover like I am!

I went through my stash and located what I thought was a nice pair of brake/gear levers, and also a nice pair of grips. I wasn't initially going to use these grips, but with the anodised locking rings almost matching the colour of the Carreras frame it seemed wrong to fit them to anything else. So what else have I done?

Well nothing to enhance the ride quality of the thing really, apart from the previously mentioned tyre choice. If you look at the above photo, you will see that the changes that have been made, have really been made for the aesthetics of the thing rather than anything else. The photo above shows how it looked when I first got it...

Whereas this photo shows how it looks now. Basically I have replaced anything that was black, with something that is silver.

I have also changed the brake and gear cables from black ones to white ones. For me this has made the bike appear to be a bit lighter, and combining this with the skinny road tyres it looks a bit more road-racey, if that is a phrase!

As for what it rides like, I really have no clue, as of yet I have yet to ride it. Infact in the last couple of weeks I have barely been out on a bike at all. This is due to injuring my leg, plus the miserable rainy weather doesn't really inspire me to get out on my bike. But I can feel that spring is right around the corner, and hopefully that will inspire me to get back out on my bike, goodness knows my waistline needs it!