Episode 72. Triumph Twenty (Part 2).

I was awake early today, too early! So I thought that I might aswell take the Triumph for a bit of a spin to see how well it rides.

I always think that these shopping style ladies bikes are a good idea... And then I ride them! The thing is that to me this is quite a pretty little bike, and perhaps if I was some dainty little twenty-something with a waif like figure then this is probably quite lovely to ride. Sadly though I am none of these things, I am a middle aged man with a figure that I have lovingly created through decades of eating pies! I've no idea how I look riding along on bikes like this, but I think its probably quite comedic!

However as funny as I probably look on it, the Triumph is in good shape for a bike of this age, and I'd probably go as far as to say that although we are pretty much the same age, it's in better shape than I am! The only thing I think that needs addressing is the crank arm hits the chain guard as you pedal along. But apart from that, I think it's functioning as it should.

But for me, I think the combination of the small wheels and all my weight being in the wrong place makes this, and these type of bikes unpleasant to ride.

The frame is big enough, and I don't feel uncomfortable, or scrunched up while I'm riding it. It's just that I always feel wobbly on it. I never feel stable on shopping type bikes. Even when I've clicked my way through the three speeds of the Sturmey Archer hub, and I am flying along the road, it still doesn't feel stable. It still feels like the slightest undulation in the road is going to introduce a wheel wobble that's going to sit me on the ground in a most undignified fashion! Therefore, as pretty as it is, I think it's not going to stay in my collection for very long. It's time for it to become united with some hip young waif like thing who will not only look cool riding it, but it will be nicer to ride for her than it is for me.

It is damn pretty though, and pretty damn cool to look at!