Episode 111. Huffy Cherokee. (Part 1).

Mrs Clints going to ban me from the tip. Today I had two objectives, dump a load of garden trimmings, and retrieve my Raleigh Cajun, and that was it. It didn't go quite to plan...

I'm guessing that one of you two guys out there that read my mindless thread of cycle babble saw fit to scupper my plans to buy no more bikes, and decided to throw a spanner in my works by leaning this thing up against my Raleigh Cajun. You no doubt knew that I wouldn't be able to resist it, because basically it's skip fodder. Thanks! Skip fodder or not, it's treasure to me. So what it is? Well, I've no idea.

 It's a Huffy, I know that much, but as for a Huffy what, I don't really know, my best guess is that its a Huffy Cherokee from the late eighties, but if either of you fellas reading this knows any better, please don't keep it to yourself! Also, continuing a theme of frame alloy stickers it's made from...

Duralite! Seriously, I'm thinking about just collecting the stickers saying what kind of alloy a frame is made from? As for what exactly Duralite is, well, as ever, I've no idea, and neither does t'internet, as after a quick search I'm still none the wiser. What I can tell you however is the lite bit is obviously a lie. It's pretty weighty, although to be fair it has steel wheels, and I have found in the past that the wheels alone when they are made from steel are often heavier than the frame.

I took it for a bit of a spin, and there are just a few problems with it. Firstly both the gear wires seem to be rusted solid in their outer cables, and secondly, the back wheel has a serious buckle to it. Not enough that it impedes the rear brake, but enough that you can feel it as you ride. The other little niggle is that, much like the Norco, the brake levers are the wrong way around.

I feel that this will be yet another bike to stay in my collection for a little while yet, and as such I'd like to change the single piece crank for something a little better looking at some point, as, although it works fine, I always think they look just a bit plain.

The brake levers too need some attention. Firstly they're made of plastic, and secondly, they're the ugliest brake levers I've ever seen! In an ideal world I'd replace these with some nice little '80's vintage two finger levers, but I reckon the chances of finding some of them cheap are pretty low, but you never know!

This thing puts me in mind of the Halfords Turbo bike that I had as a kid in the eighties, it has a very similar look, and feel to it. It's also much like the Magna Fugitive I had a while back. I doubt that any of these bikes will ever make it onto a list of best bikes ever, but for some reason this kind of junk I love to ride! I think I'll probably tinker with it as the parts turn up, but for now I may well just put a straight back wheel on and ride it as it is! 

As for the Raleigh Cajun...

It was still sitting there where I left it last night, just waiting for me to arrive and take it home again this morning! I've even treated myself to a puncture repair kit from Poundland this morning, so that's this evenings entertainment sorted too!