Episode 184. Apollo Retro. (Part 1).

Okay folks, I'm gonna ramble on for a bit about Beaulieu Autojumble, this occurs twice a year, umm, except last year because of covid obviously, but this year it was back, and as ever I went along with a small fist full of fivers, and although I am looking for a few bits and bobs for my Vauxhall Carlton (remember that?), and my current sCRAP nugget, the Ford StreetKa, I had no particular plan as to what I needed to buy. The problem is this lack of looking for specific items does tend to make parting with the folding stuff somewhat easier for me, as I like all manner of crap as her worshipfulness will tell you. Going to Beaulieu Autojumble, alone, and without adult supervision probably fills her with dread as she has no idea what I might drag home with me. Therefore, I get one day alone to buy whatever my crazy brain decides I need, and the following day she accompanies me for a bit of adult supervision. This doesn't always work well, as when she accompanies me so do our two little monsters, and they like all manner of junk too. But to be fair to her worshipfulness she never really stops me from buying anything as long as it's not stored in the house, and I believe that as long as I don't bring home another woman, then she's pretty much fine with whatever treasure I find.

So this brings us to here...

 An Apollo Retro. Now, you may well be wondering why would I need one of these? Having a quick count up in my tiny mind I already have atleast 10 in my collection, although some of them 'belong' to her worshipfulness, or our two little monsters. So in no way do I need another one, and in my defence I bought this not on my solo mission, but on the adult supervision day, although to be fair her woshipfulness had gone to the can, I was alone, and it only took five minutes to make the deal!

If you've been a long time reader of my mindless babble you may remember that way back in Episode 10 I bought another Apollo Retro at Beaulieu Autojumble, this one...

This was purchased again, with full adult supervision for my eldest monster, who rode it for just a couple of months before having a growth spurt and becoming too big for it. It didn't go to waste however, as my youngest monster took it on, and rode it along with her Huffy Sweet Thunder, while my eldest monster got equiped with a slightly larger mountain bike. She hated that mountain bike, as she thought it wasn't as nice looking as her Apollo Retro, so she refused to ride it. It wasn't beach cruisery enough for her, so in a bid to keep her cycling I went out and armed her up with a Huffy Good Vibrations beach cruiser, which she also hated. She's never said so, but I think its the derailliur gears she really hates, kids these days seem so picky! Anyway, her current steed is a Huffy Verona, which she also hates (derailliur gears), and only rides when she's made to as she's found being made to run along side us when we're riding is worse than actually riding! I'm never too sure if I'm a bad parent for making my two little monters enjoy themselves whether they like it or not, or I'm just building character in them. Time will tell, most likely when they're deciding which nursing home to put me in.

Anyhoo, I feel like I'm starting to ramble on as ever, and wander away from the point of all this.

 So, I saw this thing on the Saturday, on my solo mission, and the seller had it up for £75, which seeing as they were only £100 when they were new I decided that that was too much, so cheekily I offered him just £30, which he of course turned down. I saw it pretty early in the day, and when I passed it again as the day was coming to a close he still had it, and so I once again offered him £30. For me, half the fun of the autojumble is to do a bit of haggling, but again I was turned down. I left it there, as I said earlier I really don't need another Beach Cruiser, I've got atleast 10, plus I think I've got close to 100 bikes in my back yard right now, so anymore bikes I do not need.

The trouble was, I'd seen it, and it was playing on my mind I laid in bed last Saturday night with all sorts of thoughts swirling around in my head on all manner of topics, and one of the ones that kept coming to the top of the list was this damn Apollo. I went back on the Sunday, after barely sleeping, and under adult supervision with one thought in mind, buy that damn bike! 

The four of us walked by it, and I stopped to look, although to be fair I did pretend to look at something else, but Mrs Clint was on to me and asked if I really needed another Beach Cruiser? I said, Beach Cruiser? Oh no, I wasn't looking at that. She just looked at me and said Yes you were. Damn... BUSTED! Well as I was busted already I said to the seller, I've still got that £30, and he told me that it still wasn't enough. Damn... We wandered on. Both of my little monsters said they thought that it was quite a pretty bike though. this sowed a seed in my tiny brain, if I bought what is effectively just a larger version of what my eldest Daughter had and loved with her previous Apollo Retro, would she love this one enough that she would ride without protest again? I said nothing, but the thought went around and around in my mind all day.

 Come the end of the day, and Mrs Clint and our two little monsters were just a little bit tired, and so as the sellers were all starting to pack up we sat away from the madding crowd, under a tree, on a bench having a Fanta. I couldn't stop wondering if the guy had sold the Apollo, but I'd made up my mind, £30 was all I was prepared to offer him, and I'd made my offer several times, and been turned down, so that was that. Still, I couldn't help but shake the thought that I should be leaving with it, and so when Mrs Clint said she was going for a squirt I told my two girls that I just needed to go and 'see' something, and I wouldn't be long. I pretty much ran back to the stall, which for a fat bloke in his fifties was not an easy task on a warm ole day! I got there puffing and panting like Ivor the Engine, and guess what, it was still there, and still £75! Well, I decided that £30 was going to be offered again, and I waved the money at him hoping that as they day was over he'd go for it. He didn't, and he said that he was surprised that nobody had bought it, and to be fair so was I, I really didn't expect it still to be there at the end of the day, but it was. I asked him if anyone had made any offers for it, and he told me that the whole weeked only I had made an offer of any sort on it. I said that this was crazy, as surely part of the fun of an autojumble, car boot sale, or anything like that is the haggling. He aggreed, and so I said when I offered the £30 why didn't he make a counter offer? He said that he wanted £75 really. I told him that I understood where he was coming from, but £30 was my max, other than that I'd buy it next year! He told me that he wouldn't bring it next year, but if I could do £50 it was mine! The trouble was, that I only had £30 left as I'd bought a load of bits for the sCRAP nugget StreetKa! He told me I needed to go to the cash point. Damn... He was right, I did need to go to the cash point! I told him I'd go and check with the wife, and if she'd lend me the mony I'd be back for it, but either way please don't sell it until I come back. He agreed, and I headed to the cash point. I think he was pretty sure I was coming back for this thing, and five minutes later after not checking with her worshipfulness, and heading straight to the cash point, I was handing over the £50!

As I rode back to my little family I could see that Mrs Clint was back from the can, and they were all looking at me. She said that she knew that was where I'd gone, and asked if I managed to get it for £30? I said nope, I invested just £50 in it. She thought I'd done well. My youngest monster said she thought it was quite a pretty bike, and took it off me so she could take it for a ride, as she rode away she yelled back HA HA! You've lost this Dad!! I was pretty sure that I would, but I had bought it with the hope that my eldest monster would ride it, and she did. She said that she quite liked it. So I said to her that it's all hers, but only if she promised me that she would ride it, and not just let it sit there. Plus, she had to let me sell her other bikes which she doesn't ride. Currently she's thinking about it, but I can't help feeling that either way if I'm going to ride this bike I'd better get on with it as I can see that I'm going to lose this bike to one of my Daughters, but time will tell. I think I'd better get out there and give it a good scrub down and ride it while I still can. Updates as they occur!

So until next time, have a great day gang... Lets ride!