Episode 1. Thieving B*stards!

I'm going to start right here, with my fairly new Felt Q620.

Why you may be asking yourself, it doesn't look in bad shape, why write about it in a blog about clunker type bikes? Well, the answer to that is that this is the reason for my new found love of the rough and ready clunker bike. The thing is that I bought this bike, and although it was second hand, it had never been used, therefore in reality it was still brand new. I just fancied treating myself to something new.

I took it out a couple of times for a bit of a blezz through the woods, and on various cycle routes, and it was good. Front shocks, knobbly tyres, disc brakes, lightweight frame, comfy seat even, in short, it was a pretty good bike to ride, I even liked the fact that it had been coated in a healthy shade of Custard Yellow! It even rode well on the road, and although I do most of my cycling on the road, I figured that at some point, I should change the tyres from the knobblies to a road tyre, or atleast a skate park type tyre.

I was enjoying it, and then, my fun with it was over! I have had bicycles stolen in the past, but never from my back garden, and never in broad daylight! But one sunny Friday morning in May I came home to take my little ladies to school, parked the bike in my back garden, and took them to school. After arriving home from the school run at about 09:30hrs I went inside to grab myself something to eat, I looked out of my kitchen window and there was my bike safely sitting in my back yard. I sat down, ate  my porridge, then went to put the bowl into the kitchen sink to be washed up. I looked out the window... No bike!! To coin a phrase that all the kids use! WTF! Who steals a bike from someones back yard between 09:30 and 10:00hrs on a Friday morning? Who does that? I'll tell you who, someone who is pretty damn daring thats who. I say this as they would have had to come through my gate and up my drive, past my front door, through the gate into my back yard, 40ft down the side of my house then another 20ft into nmy yard to get it! Then they obviously have to do the whole thing in reverse, to get out, all without being seen! But however they did it, they didn't get seen! I'm still amazed about it to this day! I was pretty upset at the time. Upset that I'd saved up enough money to buy this bike, and then some cockwomble had just brazenly taken it from me. I sat there for a while and wondered what do to do next, what should I ride? Up until this point I had been riding bikes that I'd dragged out of skips, and so I decided that thats what I shall do again! Build bikes that don't look anything special, so nobody will want to steal them. But they will be good to ride... Hopefully!

Until next time... Let's ride!