Episode 14. Magna Fugitive. (Part 3).

Meanwhile back on the Fugitive! After work finished I decided to go for a ride, as I often do. I work just five minutes walk away from home, but usually ride my bike into work, and often it's a twenty or thirty minute ride home as I usually have a bit of a ride about on the way home! Now I have mentioned before pesky dogs and their owners and how they have impeeded my onward travel but todays ride was brought to a halt by...

COWS!! I kid you not they were all standing at this gate that I needed to pass through, and worse than that, when I arrived they were all looking the other way. So for about ten minutes I tried in vain to attract their attention as I didn't fancy walking up to the back of a cow, because, although it is unlikely that they give you a kick like a horsey would, on occasion, they will kick you, and kick you hard. However once they see you, they're usually happy to let you through. After about ten minutes there were almost as many humans waiting to go through the gate as there were cows gaurding it, then finally one of them looked at us, then another one looked, but, they didn't move, they just looked. Well that was good enough for me. I said to the rest of the humans that I was off, but they all decided that I was mad, and that they would stay put until the cows moved! Fair enough I said, well I'm off, and started to walk towards them and as I neared them they parted and I went through the gate, and away, leaving the rest of the humans to wait for the cows to move! This must've been how Moses felt when he parted the Red sea I thought to myself!  When I looked back I noticed that the cows had all returned to their original positions and were happiliy going about their busness, without giving a single thought for the humans who were waiting to get through! I wonder if they're all still stood in the field waiting for the cows to part again? Foolish humans!

As I  rode the Fugitive I came to thinking that it was time to sell it. It's not that it's a bad bike, it isn't, and it rides very well, and I even enjoy it, but it's built now, it's finished, and although I really don't want to sell it, what else can I do with it? I don't know, maybe I'll give it some more thought, but my cycle collection is starting to out grow my storage space, so really, it, or something else needs to be re-homed!