Episode 19. Heart Shaped Back Light!

With the threat of bleak, cold, wet, and most importantly dark evenings looming, I thought it was probably high time I invested in a rear light, so that I can be seen from the rear, as well as the front. I had already managed to scavange myself a front light, and so there was just the rear to find. My first stop was Poundland, where a rear light could be had, surprisingly enough for just £1! The trouble with that one was that it just looked a bit shit! I decided that I would see what the internet could offer me, and if there was nothing inspiring there, then it would be back to Poundland in the morning!

So later that evening I was sitting browsing fleabay, and I just thought that I'd see if I could find a matching rear light to the LED front light I had managed to scavenge from the city dump. So I typed in LED Rear bicycle light, and was immediately faced with thousands of different tail lights for my bike. As I browsed my little monsters joined me, and had soon pointed out a light that they thought I should buy. To be frank the tail light that they had picked out was not really what I was looking for, but at just £2.65 with free delivery I thought, what the heck, lets have it.

So I selected that I wanted to have a red one, as there were a variety of colours to choose from, and clicked the 'But It Now'. I then waited for my new tail light to drop on my door mat... Oh Dear! I must admit I did have reservations about having a heart shaped tail light on my bike, but my little monsters thought it was cool, so I figured that I would have it as they liked it, and then deal with the ridicule for having a heart shaped tail light from my friends later! However, as ever when I'm dealing with fleabay, it didn't go smoothly. You're probably thinking that they sent the wrong colour, or that the damn thing never arrived at all, but you're wrong, it arrived alright. But lets just say that the picture on the ebay listing didn't really show you how it looks when it's mounted on your bike! Stand by...

So it's a one peice affair, and the hangy bit that you mount it to the bike with is at the bottom of the heart, which ofcourse means that the heart (if you're still calling it that) is upside down! So I put it on my bike, my littlest monster said that it  looks like an upside down heart, she's only 7... The oldest monster who is 12 said, Dad, you've got a testicle light, and then they all laughed at me! Yes I was expecting ridicule, and believe me I'm getting it, but I wasn't expecting the ridicule to be for this reason! However all is not lost, because it sways too and fro as you're riding, and really does attract other peoples attention who are following you. I also think it's kinda funny when you think about my first outing with the Magna Fugitive, and that stupid woman with her dogs! It was obviously destiny that brought me that tail light! Needless to say I did email the seller and suggest that they might want to put a photo of the light actually mounted on a bike so that people buying it could get an idea of how it will look on their bike, and they have indeed changed the picture, which was good! Might get one for Mrs Clints bike too!