Episode 24. Apollo Sublime.

I bought this for one reason, and one reason only! I am tired of having a muddy wet strip up my bum and back when I go out riding in the rain lately, and the thing had mudgaurds!

An Apollo Sublime.

Hmm... NICE! Well, probably not to a lot of you guys, but it rides ok, and I always look at the frames of these things and think that they look quite interesting! This is the first one that I have ever had, as I always think, I'll get the next one, and then never do. Well it has occured to me when I was looking at this thing in the tip and thinking that I would get he next one, then it dawned on me that I hadn't seen one in the very long time. Plus, this had some very nice mudgaurds fitted... So I bought it for a whole fiver! To be fair, I know iI said it rides ok, but actually the thing it rides pretty well, and I quite enjoyed the commute to work on it at the the other day, plus it has the added bonus of making the child in me chuckle every time I look at the gear selector to change gear...

POWER PIS... I love it... I'm such a child! But this will pretty much be my experience with this particular Apollo Sublime, as now that it has donated it's Mudgaurds to the Magna Fugitive it is ready for a new owner... I'll get the next one!