Episode 5. BMX Bandits.

I have an accidental BMX collection. I didn't set out to collect BMX's, nor am I really collecting them, but my BMX collection has once again grown... By one, so I'm up to eleven now.

Ahem. This is becoming more out of hand than my car collection... Nearly! The reason for the large amount of BMX's is so that we can have one each as four will fit in the back of my pick up, we can then head out to the beach, or whatever, and just blatt about on them during the weekends or whatever. Well, thats the plan anyway. So out of the eleven BMX's we are going to pick the best bits, and make four bikes for ourselves. Frankly if I can't build four good bikes out of eleven very useable bikes then I'm [retty sure I shouldn't be writing any of this at all, and I really have no place being here!

So This is the current BMX collection, I'm not planning to get anymore, but at the same time I'm not promising I won't either ;) So why when I had ten bikes to turn into four did I need another? Well, a couple of weeks ago I bought this for myself...

It's in pretty good shape, and can be ridden straight away, although I do need to find myself a longer seat post, anway, I'm sure that you've noticed this:-

As you can see it's called a Rooster, Big Daddy! I thought this was pretty cool, however Mrs Clint thinks it's so very funny that I'm riding something called a Big Daddy, and has been taking the wee-wee ever since. Wherever I go when she sees me it's "Hey big daddy!" Now even our two little monsters have got in on the act, and have started calling me big Daddy when I collect them form school etc! Something that Mrs Clint, and for that matter the rest of the parents find quite funny as it happens! Something needed to be done, and although I don't really want to re-paint it I wondered what to do. Should I just take my man pills and grin and bear it? That was what I was thinking, but then I saw this one the bay of E...

PERFECT! Ha ha...

A Rooster Big Momma!! Superb, I couldn't believe my luck, and better yet, it was close, just 26 miles from BelongaClint! So... I bought it, and went to collect it straight away! As it happens, the day I bought it and went to collect it was the same day as my eldest monsters school barbeque, something that we all had to attend! Mrs Clint was a bit upset that I would be running late, as I told her that I had to collect something before I got home. She was less upset when I told her that the thing that I had to collect, was infact a gift for her! So off I went to collect it. When I arrived to the barbeque Mrs Clint was sitting at a table with a lot of the other parents, and as I walked up to them she shouts out, "Hey BIG DADDY!" The other parents who were sitting at the table, all chuckled! I just sucked it up and said "Hey!" Then Mrs Clint said to me, "So where is it then?" I said, "where's what?" She said, "My gift that you were going to get, the thing thats made you late for this!" I said, "Oh, It's in the truck." Mrs Clint then said, "Well, go get it, I want to see what was so important that you had to get it tonight!" this was followed by the other parents at the table all telling me that I needed to get it, as they wanted to see it too. So I went to get it out of the truck, and rode it in. As I pulled up next to the table (with a skid I might add!) I said to Mrs Clint, "There you go Big Momma, I've got you a BMX to match mine now!" It has to be said that Mrs Clint really wasn't too impressed with her new bike, or for that matter the public unveiling of it! But she wanted to see it there and then, and besides the other parents thought it was hilarious! It has to be said that in the two days since the unveiling I havn't been called Big Daddy once!

But having said all this though, I think the Big Daddy, and Big Momma BMX's are cool, and kinda funny that we've got one each! Mrs Clint has ridden hers, and after about two minutes fell off because the chain came off... This didn't please her, just a good thing she didn't do it infront of the others at the barbeque! As for mine, those plastic wheels have to go as I reckon I'm a bit too heavy for a plastic wheel which was probably designed for a child which would be a much lighter payload! But apart from that they're ready to ride!