Episode 34. Diamond Back Topanga. (Part 2).

So, the Diamond Back.

 Well, looks like that wants a fight. I thought I would just bathe the seatpost with WD-40, then get my stilsons on it, and it would soon be lose, but the Seatpost has other ideas, it's going nowhere... For th time being! Right, strip off the cables, don't like the brake levers et cetera anyway...

Dispatched, now out with the fire!

With my  blow lamp set on flame thrower mode I soon had that frame warmed up! But it still wasn't having it, there was much struggling with the stilsons, some hammering, and a fair amount of swearing, but nothing... I think I can say with some certainty that it is going nowhere!

As the morning turned into the afternoon, and the afternoon started to fade into evening I found that I had completely run dry of swear words, and then, my gas ran out... OH FART-FACE! The seatpost is still in the frame, and I really can't see a way of getting the damn thing out. I've tried all the things that usually work, twisting it with my stilsons, heating it up, and trying to twist it, swearing copiously, but nothing seems to shift it. I must admit that I am kinda hoping the cycling fairies visit it tonight and free it off so that when I return to it in the morning it just falls out! I don't know what the odds are with this happening, but my feeling is that they're pretty slim! I think that half the problem is that the seatpost goes a good 12" into the frame, I can't pull it out, and I can't even hammer it in! More gas in the morning... I didn't really want to damge the paint, I guess that thought is now out the window!