Episode 35. Emmelle Monty. (Part 1).

As I walked home defeated from my fight with the Diamond Back I found this in a skip...

It even still had wind in the tyres! So I rode it home. It's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but it rides ok. I'm guessing that it was made originally in the nineties, and wasn't too expensive when it was new. But its quite solid, and looks built to last!

It's really not in bad shape, and rides ok too to be fair to it. But Emmelle, it's not what you'd call premium quality, but thats ok, because hopefully that means that nobody will want to steal it! Although this one's called Monty too! I really don't think that it has anything to do with the previously discovered Monty. W. They're a completely different bike, with a completely different build quality. Anyway, I'll give this a ride round for a while, while I struggle on trying to get the seatpost out of the Diamond Back, and then when I get bored, sell Monty. Mind you, while I'm riding it I think I might change that seat, it's nearly as bad as the seat on the Giant racer, and that was bad!