Episode 41. Raleigh Mustang 23". (part 3).

While the Diamond Back was gently fizzing away in the back yard I turned my attention to this...

Mainly because I had put the word about that I was looking for a 'SHARP' bottom bracket boot for a BMX in black and last evening I had a knock on the door, I opened it to see one of my friends who is into old BMX's in a big way. He asks me if I'm still on the lookout for a bottom bracket boot? I say I am. He stuffed his hand in his pocket and pulls out...

One brand new old stock Associated Polymer Products bottom bracket boot, fresh from the eighties! He then apologised for it not being a 'SHARP' one, but said that they go for a lot of money when they do show up for sale, and this was the only black one he had in his stock. A stock which I might add he never shares! I am truly honoured, so today I figured that I'd better get it on there! 

With the bottom bracket boot sorted out and fitted my attention was turned to something else that I probably don't need, and that is the reflectors. Now for me usually this is one of the first things I ditch, usually followed by the bell. I sifted through my box of relectors (oh yes, a whole box of them, although I usually take them off my bikes, I do tend to keep them to fit to bikes that I sell so that they have a complete set!) However, none of them were jumping out at me in an eighties-tastic stylee. They were all a bit too small, a bit too thin. In my head they needed to be a matching pair... And chunky! Then I had a thought...

I didn't ditch them from the Magna, When I gave the Magna a reflector-ectomy, or a Reflectomy if you will, I took them off and put them somewhere safe because my feeling was that I would very much like them on the Mustang instead.

So before selling the Magna it was a case of off with the chunky reflectors, and I was going to leave it at that, but I figured that as I was selling it, then it would be wrong to leave it without reflectors of  some description. So it got some more modern, thinner, and more elegant reflectors fitted instead. I actually thought they looked quite good on there!

The chunky eighties-tastic reflectors were dug out from 'somewhere safe' after spending hours trying to remember where that was! They were then transplanted onto the Mustang. Strangely I think they look too chunky on the Mustang, but this is probably due to the fact that they are not obscured by brake and gear cables... Yet! I realise that these reflectors are not of the style that Raleigh would've fitted to the bike when it was new, however, I like the style of these, and I think they suit it quite well! I even quite fancy getting hold of some of those 'Comet' style reflectors for the wheels, and as luck would have it... Remember that old woman racer I found in the bushes?

Erm, no, no not that one, the one I found waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in Episode 7.

This one! Well, look closely at the wheels.

'Comet' type reflectors, and better than that, I even took them off and put them 'somewhere safe'! Of course, not the same 'somewhere safe' as I put the Magna reflectors so I'm still on the hunt for those! If only I could remember where the heck I put them. When I do remember I'll just clean them up and mount them on the Mustang! No, they're not in the box of reflectors either, that would be too easy! I think I'm getting far too excited by reflectors, I reckon I've been couped up inside too much lately and starting to go stir crazy!!