Episode 43. Kalkhoff Weltmeister. (Part 2).

So, with some spare time I had today the Kalkhoff has been lightened!

Personally I think it looks all the better for its weight loss program. I liked the mudgaurds etc, and I am keeping them, but I doubt they're ever going to find their way back on to this bike. It rides pretty good too, however it is clearly meant for countries that are flat, as it is a bit of a struggle to pedal uphill. I even had to resort to standing on the pedals in the end

Plans for the Kalkhoff? I think it's going to be a keeper to be honest. I don't know what it is about this bike, but I like everything about it. The way it rides, how comfortable it is to ride, and even how it looks! It's a great bike, and although I won't say that I'll never sell it, I will say that I have no plans to sell it... Ever!