Episode 50. Kalkhoff Weltmeister. (Part 3).

Back when I started this little blog of cycle babble I spoke about my FELT that had been stolen, well, ofcourse I've not seen it since, I had my own theory on who may well have taken it, but I didn't really want to think about it, as I sort of consider him to be a bit of a friend. However today I came home from work about 08:30hrs, and as usual parked my bike down my drive by my front door. I then took my littlest monster to school in the car. Once she was dropped off, I headed for home, parked the car, and went inside for my breakfast... when I went back outside to ride back to work at about 09:30hrs, I found that infact I would be walking to work! AGAIN!! Oh dear, thought I, some delightful person has taken my bicycle! But no doubt you're wondering which one? Well...

The Kalkhoff Weltmeister!! WTF!? Actually I had various other bikes at home so I didn't need to walk. But whoever stole my Kalkhoff ignored The Carrera, the two Jamis', The Apollo, the Townsend, Various other mountain and road bikes, BMX's, a couple of racers, and the Chopper all of which were in plain sight and just took the Kalkhoff? Why? Why take the one that looks least likely to be any good? Now to my suspiscions, I was discussing just yesterday with the person who I think may know something about my bike dissappearances about why I like the Kalkhoff. My reasoning is that it rides really good, and because of what it is, and how it looks, it's undesireable, and therefore, unstealable... Maybe not! Now, on the day that my Felt went off for a ride without me, it was this fellas day off, and today, it's this fellas day off, and I've found him 'browsing' over my gate before! But like I said, I think (at the moment) we're friends... Time will tell! But what I can tell you right now is that I am well and truely thoroughly urinated off about it getting stolen, and I actually want this back much more than I wanted the FELT back because this one I have fettled, this isn't as it came from the shop, it's mine, it was one that I was planning on keeping long term, and lastly, where am I going to find another Kalkhoff Weltmeister in this country? It's strange but I actually feel quite violated about all this! But as angry about it as I am, what can I do? Pretty much nothing, ofcourse I reported it to the Police, but they said that unless someone reported it, then in all likelyness they will never find it as it's unlikely they'll come across some big time used cycle thief whos just going round stealing old beaten up bikes from everyone! So I guess it's just up to me to keep my eyes peeled and hope it shows up, and until then... Lets ride... Umm, something else!