Episode 51. Diamond Back Topanga. (Part 7).

So, the Diamond Back. I am slowly piecing this together ready for the next owner to steal it from my property, and I think they will be very pleased with it when they do!

I've dug out some handlebars from my stash and a stem that I quite like.

I've even found a dunlop seat, but I've not located a seat post that fits properly yet, as all the ones I've got are either just too small, or just too big! The guys at Halfords are piecing together a rear wheel for me, and although I have a new pair of tyres for it, I have decided against using them.

This is because in my wisdom or otherwise I have decided that I would quite like a pair of white tyres for it! I want a skate park type tyre, about 26x2.0 in white, but as yet I am having trouble finding any! Although, to be fair I must say after my Kalkhoff going missing I am wondering why I am bothering at all, as obviously I'll probably lose this one too... Lets hope not, but I really am now questioning what the point of doing any of this is, when someone can just help themselves to it if they please... Fokkers!! I guess that what I really need to do before leaving this outside is invest in a really good quality lock, and then find something sturdy to lock it to! But at the moment for this atleast riding it home and locking it up outside is still a little way off, as I still have quite a lot to do to it before it can be ridden! But it's getting there, and every time I look at it I like it more and more!