Episode 54. Williams Racing Bike. (Part 2).

To continue the tale of the Williams racing bike....

After a good rummage down at the tip I returned with various parts and two whole bikes! Because I needed more bikes!

A Raleigh Caprice for no other reason other than I liked the handlebars and brake levers, and think they will suit the Williams quite well, and...

Another Raleigh Pioneer, because I thought as it was there it would be rude not to have it! Following a quick raid on my parts stash and several parts stripped from newly aqquired bikes I put all the ingredients together in my shed and came up with this.

I must admit that I was a bit dubious about the orange tyres, but as I had them, and they're brand new I thought that at the very least I would try them to see how they look. It's fair to say that the look has grown on me, and I quite like how it has turned out, and the way it looks. I'm not particularly a fan of riding in the rain, but I was itching to see if it rode as good as it looks and so I took it for a quick spin anyway. Happily it rides pretty good, although the chain is siezed in places and keeps jumping, I've given it a good dousing of WD-40 so hopefully after a bit of a longer ride in the sunshine it will free itself up. Time will of course tell, but with any luck I shall be able to put a few miles on it before someone steals it from me! Although as I've now got myself a pretty heavy duty lock around it I might get to hang on to this one for a while!