Episode 56. Carrera Subway Ltd. (Part 2).

I've started to have a bit of a play with the Carrera Subway. This is it, pre playing with it! 

I keep looking at it, and I actually quite like it. I really quite like the colour of it, and infact it was this colour that drew me into it in the first place. When I am sitting on it the frame size and dimensions seem to suit me quite well. I think I can probably make something of this that will work for me. Of course there are going to be changes, but as yet I'm not too sure what I'll change. I think for starters that I'll loose all the black, and replace it with just plain aluminium. I've already remeoved the tyres and have re-homed them on something else. I think that I will swap the handlebars for some nice aluminium ones on a  Ridgeback I have in stock. I think I can probably swap the wheels with a silver pair from a Huffy I have in my collection too. Then I guess I'll see how it rides... Gotta find a chain first as well, I've been through my stash and it's looking increasingly likely that I'll have to actually go and buy one of those! Not that is matters, as I remember the last chain I bought came from ASDA and only cost about a fiver! Then once I've swapped al the bits around that I'm planning to swap around with other bikes in my collection, I really do need to start to have a proper culling, and thin out the herd a little... I'm starting to wonder if perhaps it might be worth hiring a hall and holding my own auction!!