Episode 117. Magna Fugitive! (Part 9).

After fiddling, and actually riding bikes all day I still fancied a slow jaunt along the cyclepath this evening. I'd been watching the weather change from a little bit overcast to a little bit clear and thought to myself, right thats it, lets get out there and go for a gentle ride as the sun goes down.

I've been messing around with bikes all day, and had still even managed to find time to fettle the Magna Fugitive a little bit. The tyres have been my main concern, the white walls of the tyres that I had on the wheels when I found them have started to deteriorate quite badly, and I could just see myself out riding one day, miles from home when they go pop. I searched through my tyre stash and unfortunately I didn't have a matching pair that I thought would look good on this thing. However, I did have a mis-matched pair of Continentals.

The back wheel got a fairly wide, and quite knobbly Continental Traffic. I'm guessing that this is more for people who like to ride in the dirt, but it was in good shape, and so on it went.

The front got a much narrower Continental Double Fighter this basically has a road tread pattern with a few knobbles around the edge just incase you ride on the verge from time to time. With both tyres on there I pumped them up good and hard, and stood back to see how it looked. I was pleased with the look, and thought that it looked far better than I imagined it was going to.

Out on the path the tyres seemed pretty good, and the ride was quite firm. Although that rear tyre is quite knobbly it wasn't all that loud, and to my surprise didn't buzz like an old Land Rover as I rode along the path. I must admit that I do like that view of the handlebars without any clutter as I ride along. My cycle friends, and other folk I meet on the cycle path think it looks a bit odd not to have brake and gear levers, with their cables, but to me it looks pretty cool. I can only imagine that it stems from being a child riding single speed bikes with Coaster brakes, rather than riding bike with a conventional brake set up.

The cycle path was quiet tonight except for a group of forty to fifty year old men and women who seemed to have gathered on the viaduct to ride skates and skateboards, I almost wish I'd gone down there with my own skates, or skateboard. In the past I've ridden both along the cycle path and to be fair, when it's qiuet like this evening it's a pretty good place to skate. I would've stopped to chat, but as I turned around to go home I realised that I needed to get home quickly, I noticed that my back tyre was getting a bit soft.

I got about three quarters of the way home before I needed to get off and walk. Damn! I think thats the third puncture in as many weeks! And I seem to get them always at the turning around point to go home. I've had a look about the area and there doesn't seem to be anything immediately obvious that is lying around on the groud to puncture my tyres. So I can't really understand why it keeps happening. I don't know, perhaps its just time to invest in some Slime to go in my innertubes. I've got it in a couple of my bikes and I've found that once it's in there, I never get a flat tyre again!

Still, never mind, I got home, took the tyre off the Fugitive, the tyre off Mrs Clints Shout, and repaired both at once. I'll be able to take Mrs Clints Shout for a little test ride in the morning, and then drop it back home and head off to work on the Magna Fugitive. Updates as they occur!