Episode 134. Huffy Sweet Thunder. (Part 3).

With the apocalypse now in full swing, my littlest Monster and I have done our level best to go out for a ride every day. The problem with this however is that it would appear that no matter what time of day we head out, everyone else is out at the same time.

Walkers, skaters, cyclists, and even picnickers are all out on what was our normal route. It's been getting pretty bad, and to be honest, some of these groups of people are pretty big. The stupid thing is, before this virus lockdown happened there wasn't half this amount of people out there exercising. My feeling was that last weekend, the Easter weekend it would be especially bad, and from what I understand from some of my other cycling buddies, it was really busy. I'm glad we decided to stay home! While we were sat at home, I turned to one of my other hobbies... Online shopping! Actually, before the lockdown it wasn't really a hobby at all, but since the lockdown my hobbies have changed, and I honestly wonder whether now when I describe what I do for hobbies, it should no longer include, walking, cycling, the beach, cars, etc. And should now just be online shopping, watching crap old TV shows, and eating! For someone who struggles with his waistline at the best of times, this really isn't helping!

Anyway, while browsing for stuff I really don't need but want anyway I came across this cycle horn.

True enough I was looking for a horn for my littlest Monsters Huffy, but when I saw this thing, I remembered how back when I was a kid we all had these siren type things on our bikes, and how cool we all thought they were, and so, with this thought in mind I clicked the buy it now. Now all I needed to do was wait for it to arrive. Several days later it was here, and so without saying a word to my littlest Monster I attached it to the Huffy, and wait for her to discover it. That didn't take long. I was sitting in my lounge in our little flat whenI heard the wailing of a Police car type siren! Man alive that thing is loud, I realise that it was quite late in the evening, and so quite quiet anyway, but I thought a Police car had driven by! My littlest Monster arrived at the lounge door, peered through it, looked me strtaight in the eye, and said, "Police are on the scene." Before raising an eyebrow and continuing with, "You know what I mean!" For a ten year old she seems to know some old sayings! I thought to myself this will be fun on our ride! Incase your wondering, the other three sounds are (in a clockwise direction) an engine revving, a laser gun, and lastly, a bicycle bulb type horn, all very loud!

Out on our ride today the horn came into use pretty quickly. Initially my littlest Monster was using the bulb horn sound to clear the straglers on the cycleroute, but I think she tired of that pretty quickly as despite being quite loud, people just didn't seem to take any notice of her. So I decided to take the lead as although my bike is not fitted with a bell, I have now got myself a very loud "EXCUSE ME PLEASE!" voice which seems to be doing the trick! Anyway, this was working for a while, but then my littlest Monster decided that what was needed was a combination of sounds. As we came up behind a group of five or six walkers walking across the width of the cycle route, before I had a chance to bellow anything there came a loud revving noise from behind me. Then my littlest Monster streaked past me to take the lead with the Siren wailing! The walkers looked quite startled, and parted immediately as we rode through the gap! I've got to say that this worked far more efficiently than me shouting excuse me please! When I do that the walkers look at me almost in disgust before parting. But with the siren they parted first, then looked at us as we rode through! With the walkers in the distance I pulled up next to my littlest Monster who just looked at me and said "Whoop-whoop, it's da sound of da police!" Before chuckling! Not my kind of music, but I've got to say I chuckled too! I must admit, the efficiency with which this horn/siren dispersed the walkers I am now considering getting one for my bike too!