Episode 140. GT Dyno Glide. (Part 1).

I can't believe that I'm 140 posts in and only now am I writing about my GT Dyno Glide.

This is, without doubt my favourite beach cruiser in my collection. I bought this thing about twenty odd years ago, just two weeks after buying myself an Apollo Retro beach cruiser. That first two weeks of ownership was just fantastic for me and that Apollo Retro, then I happened to wander past a bike shop in another town and saw this GT Dyno Glide in the window. I tried to ignore it, but once the seed was planted in the end I had to go and look at it some more. The problem with looking, is that can often lead to buying, and this is what happened here. The two week old Apollo Retro was retired, and I came home on my Shiney new GT Dyno Glide, and I've loved it ever since! Despite being over twenty years old now, this thing is in great condition, the reason for this is that it's never been abused, for the most part it lives indoors, infact before the arrival of Mrs Clint it lived in the house! But sadly now it lives in the garage. However it has hardly ever seen any rain, and never been off road. So it's all good.

The other day, since I figured that the Summer had arrived I decided to go and wake the thing from its hibernation, and bring it home for some Summer cruising. I went to my garage, wiped the dust off the saddle, and dragged it out into the sunshine for the first time this year. After a quick look over, all looked good and I headed off on the three mile ride from my garage to home.

Sadly, about a mile into my ride the right hand side pedal decided that after twenty years of being pushed down on by a fat bloke, enough was enough, and promptly fell apart! I stopped, not just to get the photo, but also to pick up the bits that had appeared to fall off in one lump before coming apart.

After a quick look at the parts it was pretty obvious that it probably could be put back together, as it looked like it just clipped back together. I did my little repair as best I could, and headed off again. Not five minutes later I was stopping to pick up pedal parts again, This time I thought that I'd not bother with a roadside repair, but just put the pedal bits in my bag, and try and ride home as it was. I've got to admit that the centre part of the pedal is not that comfortable to ride on when you're only wearing this Converse All-Stars, and it got to the point where any uphill sections were walked instead of ridden. But pretty soon I was back at BelongaClint where I thought that I could make a proper repair.

With the pedal off the crank I tried to put it back together in the vice. I had a good look at the pedal that was still OK to see what I should be trying to do, and just as I thought, the pedal was sort of clipped together, then the bits that clip through were bent over to make the joint. With the parts of the pedal all clipped back together I then carefully tried to bend the tabs that hold it all together over like the good pedal was. I carefully bent them over with a hammer and small punch. All looked good, and so I popped it back onto the bike and headed out for a test ride. I rode for about for about ten minutes or so, and it all seemed like I'd made a successful repair right up to the point where I had to use some of my weight to bere down on the pedal and get me up the hill. At first, all was good, but after about a minute I was stopping to collect parts of my pedal left on the road! Great! Feeling like a failiure I headed for home where another plan was hatched!

My new plan was to remove the hidous cheap and knackered pedals from my Huffy Cherokee, and stick them on my Dyno Glide so that I can atleast ride it! To be fair they do the job, but they just look rubbish, and for some reason none of my shoes seems to grip them very well. Therefore new pedals have now been ordered, which hopefully will restore both comfort and looks to my Dyno Glide, then hopefully we can have a long warm Summer in which I can enjoy cruising about on it.